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Sometimes company's and institutions need a web presence that is permanent and requires very little maintenance. If you require a website that is developed completely to your specifications and operates entirely by it self then a static website may be the right option for you. The simplicity and flexibility of static websites means that they can be used in a wide range of ways and formats, producing stunning aesthetics within a rigid, user-friendly framework design.



Maybe you would like to build a smaller website as a means of market research, or to create an online portfolio for your company that's visible on Google. Maybe you would like to build an online catalog for your prospects and clients, or even advertise a new product line to the world. There are limitless ways you can utilize the web via the static web design avenue, your imagination really is the limit.



The beautiful thing about static websites is that there is no maintaining whatsoever to be done by you, allowing you to use your time in other more important ways. Once your website has been developed and uploaded to your hosting provider you can be assured that your website is exactly how you would like it to look, and will stay that way until you decide to make changes. There is no complicated user interface or web builder software for you to watch over as everything is ready to use right out of the box.



Static websites can offer a great way to keep the cost of your website design to a minimum. They are generally simpler to code, hence driving down costs in the development stage compared to other types of websites ie, eCommerce websitesContent Management Systems.

Not having the need for constant maintenance and updating can also help reduce manpower time and effort, resulting in savings for your organization in more than one way.

If you know anyone interested in setting up an online presence, Printnweb now offers 10% referral for anyone custom sent. For this you are required to contact the management of the store you wish to refer to prior to sending custom, and register yourself as an agent of the company.

The benefits of opting for Static Website are dependent on the type of functions you require from your website. If you have little time to or need to update your website with regular fresh content, this would probably be the right choice for you.

We actually enjoy satisfying our customers therefore when consulting one of our staff we will make every effort to identify your needs and provide the correct web design solution for you and your organization. Call us now for your free non obligation consultation and allow Printnweb help you realize your online goals successfully the first time round.

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